So Money - Episode 1294

Terri Trespicio

Author, Unfollow Your Passion

Unfollow Your Passion | Book by Terri Trespicio | Official Publisher Page | Simon & SchusterWe’ve all heard the expression, Follow Your Passion, but how realistic is it? It’s not the be all, end all, to achieving fulfillment and success, says guest Terri Trespicio. In her new book Unfollow Your Passion, she shares the insights and tools for living a meaningful life on your own terms. In our conversation we discuss why pursuing “the one thing” and making bucket lists can set us up for failure and disappointment.

The book is based on Terri’s famous TEDx talk has more than seven million views. Pre-order Unfollow Your Passion (released date: 12/21) and get early bird exclusives.

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