So Money - Episode 882

Tamanna Roashan

Founder, Dress Your Face

Tamanna Roashan is a superstar entrepreneur with two and a half million Instagram followers. If you love makeup and beauty, then you may have heard of Tamanna.

Her first job was as a wedding photographer when she was just 13 years old. Her artistic eye in photography training helps her help brides look stunning on their wedding days. This led to a love of makeup and a path to cosmetology school but that wasn’t the end of it. Tamanna’s parents urged her from an early age to become an entrepreneur. They encouraged her to build a life being her own boss.

She earned a marketing degree from there and led her to build a massive business around her artistry. She is the founder of  DressYourFace and she’s created the bestselling Tamanna pallet. She is a triple certified makeup artist and has built a social media empire as well as an online makeup school at Lots to learn from Tamanna, especially in particular, the importance of having an offline business and not just being an instant celebrity.

To learn more about Tamanna, visit or become one of her millions of followers on Instagram @DressYourFace.

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