So Money - Episode 1098

Suzanne Somers

Author, A New Way to Age

I first came across Suzanne Somers in the summer of 1986, as I was watching reruns of the early episodes of Three’s Company with my mom in our living room in Massachusetts. I was 6 years old, maybe too young to be watching a sitcom BUT old enough to recognize and appreciate that the actress who played the bubbly Chrissy Snow was hilarious and captivating. Years later I would watch this actress reveal more than just her performing skills…but also her brilliance as a savvy business woman, serial entrepreneur, world-renowned health advocate and multi-bestselling author….

Suzanne Somers is now 73 years young, and in the current chapter of her life, she is a leading voice on anti-aging. Her latest book – A New Way to Age – is now in paperback and it presents a revolutionary philosophy for a longer and better-quality life with easy-to-understand lessons and doctor interviews.

Hear Suzanne discuss her storied career, getting fired from Three’s Company and they keys to her 50-year marriage.

More about Suzanne Somers is the author of twenty-seven books, with millions of copies in print globally, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Sexy ForeverKnockout, and Ageless. She lectures all over the world and received an honorary doctorate from National University.

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