So Money - Episode 877

Susan Hyatt

Author of BARE and certified master life coach

Our guest today says self-care is the key ingredient to actually overcoming your obstacles and pursuing your passions. We are welcoming Susan Hyatt to the show, a certified master life coach and the creator of The BARE coaching program. Her book is called BARE: A Seven-Week Program to Transform your Body, Get more Energy, Feel Amazing and Become Unstoppable

In the book, Susan shares how she reached rock bottom, struggled with her weight and transformed the way that she felt about her body and herself.

Susan runs an incredibly successful coaching business, helping other women do the same and you better believe we talk about money because money is such a source of emotion, right? It triggers a lot feelings of self-worth – or lack thereof -and all of that contributes to your self-esteem, your well- being, body image, all of it.

Susan’s website is She is on Instagram @SusanHyatt.

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