So Money - Episode 744

Sunny Lenarduzzi

YouTube Star and Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered how people get their first 100 YouTube subscribers or even their first 100,000 YouTube subscribers?

Do you hate being on camera for your business but want to get better?

Today’s guest is going to talk about that and more right here on So Money.  Sunny Lenarduzzi is a “marketing master” with a decade of experience creating brand strategies using social media and video marketing.

Forbes named her one of the 20 must watch channels that will change your business. Entrepreneur named her one of the top 10 channels every entrepreneur should follow. And today, she’s here to share her knowledge with all of us.

Learn about the incredible phone alert that she sends herself from time to time that keeps her in the right financial headspace. And why losing $10,000 was actually a helpful money lesson.

You can learn more about Sunny on her website.

Her YouTube channel is right here.


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