So Money - Episode 946

Stacey Delo and Jennifer Gefsky

Co-Authors, Your Turn

“I’d grown up with a model of a mom who had a career, took a 10-year career break and then went back to work in a really big way.” – Stacey Delo, Co-Author of Your Turn


It is an understatement to say it’s difficult to juggle parenthood with your career, to find a path that works for both your ambitions and your family life. More than 15 million women find themselves on what they call the messy middle. My guests today, Jennifer Gefsky and Stacey Delo are behind the website Après, which helps women return or pivot in their careers. And now they have released an important book to help their audience called Your Turn: Careers, Kids and Comebacks– A Working Mother’s Guide.

We discuss how to anticipate the financials of becoming a stay-at-home parent and transitioning back to the workforce as seamlessly as possible and much more.

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