So Money - Episode 766

Srinivas Rao

Author, An Audience of One

What if we all just stopped trying to be the best… stopped trying to climb the ladder… stopped trying to get the corner office? What if we believed that true success existed outside of “the best”?

Today’s guest is Srinivas Rao. He is an author, speaker, and podcast host of the hugely popular podcast called The Unmistakable Creative. After interviewing over 600 creatives, thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and rebels, Srini believes that being unmistakable is actually far better than being the best at what you do.

We’ll talk about his upcoming third book, An Audience of One, why he got fired from so many jobs after graduating from business school, and why there’s a really big difference with what we want to do for a living and what we want to do with our lives.

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