So Money - Episode 894

Sophia Parsa

Entrepreneur and Founder of Mountain Gate

My relationship with money is – money comes and money goes. For me, it’s not the point of success. It’s important for me to be financially stable and it’s important for me to be making a lot of money, but it’s not what I consider personal success.”

Sophia Parsa is a tech co-founder, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and a very accomplished entrepreneur. She co-founded the company Toot, which is an on-demand tutoring service after her tutor bailed on her the night before a big exam in college. The night before the test, she found a new tutor, thanks to the help of a professor, but then realized there’s probably a better way to connect with tutors on-demand. The idea for Toot was born.

Later, Sophia launched a dinner club called Mountain Gate, where entrepreneurs gather for dinner, get advice, form business partnerships and just connect with people who are like-minded. Today, Sophia is the director of community at FabFitFun, a subscription box that delivers a selection of full-size premium products to your front door.  FabFitFun is occasionally a sponsor of this show.

We discuss Sophia’s transition to working for a company and why it was important for her professional development. We also dive deep into the growing pains of the early days of entrepreneurship, how to score some investment capital and what she plans to do with her money right now.

Follow her on Instagram @SophiaParsa and her business @Mountaingate.

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