So Money - Episode 1044

Sarah Nannen

Author, Grief Unveiled

We are experiencing grief in all forms these days. Whether it’s grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of connection with others or the loss of a job and financial grief…Navigating a tremendous loss is one of the hardest things in life.

My guest Sarah Nannen helps us find our way through and offers a new way of thinking about grief that may leave us far more hopeful and at peace.

Sarah Nannen is a transformation teacher and guide as well as an author, speaker and podcast host. She became a military widow and solo mother of four in 2014 when an aviation accident claimed her husband’s life. Her journey through grief informs her renegade work with those navigating painful life transitions who seek to live extraordinary lives. She’s devoted her career to teaching sustainable well-being and a new paradigm of deep, systemic integration of mind-body healing, with a specialization in grief and trauma support and recovery.

Sarah is the founder and co-owner of Renkon Yoga Studio, a community-focused studio rooted in the power of human connection. Her expertise will be featured in two upcoming docu-series on the topics of trauma and conscious parenting; a collaborative production between Hay House,’s Urban Monk Productions and The Sacred Science, releasing in 2021. Sarah lives in central Illinois with her fiancé Brad, their four children and their rescue pit bull, Luna.

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