So Money - Episode 865

Sarah Fallaw

Co-Author, The Next Millionaire Next Door

Today’s guest is more familiar with The Millionaire Next Door than anyone else. She is Sarah Fallow, the daughter of the late Thomas Stanley, the book’s co-author. Sarah is the Founder and President of DataPoints LLC, a company that provides scientifically validated, automated behavioral finance tools to the financial services industry.

As the 20th anniversary of The Millionaire Next Door drew nearer, Sarah worked with her father to do research and development for an updated version of the book. With her psychology and data background and his extensive experience researching millionaires over his career, together they created an outline for what would become a book entitled The Next Millionaire Next Door.

Today we’re going to talk to Sarah about her and her late father’s findings. What’s changed when it comes to the behavior of millionaires and what can we learn from them? Also, what was it like growing up with Thomas Stanley and how does she hope to carry on his legacy?

To learn more about Sarah Fallow, please visit and follow her on Twitter @SarahFallaw. You can also purchase The Next Millionaire Next Door wherever books are sold.

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