So Money - Episode 148

Ross Mathews

Comedian and Television Personality

I’m tremendously excited about today’s guest. He is hands down one of my favorite TV personalities. His name is Ross Mathews. You’ve probably heard of him if you watch any television. Ross first got his TV debut as a correspondent for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And from there he navigated the world of entertainment. And what’s interesting is that how he got his start on the Tonight Show. He was just an intern, okay? Yeah things can happen when you’re just an intern. It’s not just about getting coffee and making photocopies. Big things can happen to your life and today Ross can be found as a top contributor on E! News and E! Network’s live red carpet awards show all year round. Now, in addition to also serving as a judge on the hit logo series Rupaul’s Drag Race, Ross keeps himself very busy with a weekly top-rated podcast one show called “Straight Talk with Ross Mathews”. He’s also the author of the great book, “Man Up: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence”.

Three takeaways from the interview:

  • How that internship parléd into a smashing career in show biz. What happened?
  • The childhood memories about money that have turned him into serious saver. Actually, Ross doesn’t like talking about money so this was kind of an interesting show to be on for him.
  • His favorite dollar store finds. Ross is pretty savvy when it comes to spending, and unlike his red carpet compadres, he isn’t one to really throw around and talk up all of his designer duds.

If you’d like to learn more about Ross Mathews, visit his website at or follow him on twitter @helloross.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I’m a baller on a budget!” – Click to tweet

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