So Money - Episode 1120

Robert Herjavec

Star, ABC's Shark Tank

A recession is historically a great time to start a successful business. Shark Tank star and serial entrepreneur Robert Herjavec joins Farnoosh to discuss the start-up opportunities he sees for entrepreneurs, as well his own journey learning about money and being raised the son of immigrants.

More about Robert: Born in Eastern Europe, he arrived in North America on a boat with his parents  after escaping communism in the former Yugoslavia. From delivering newspapers,  and waiting tables, to launching a computer company from his basement, his drive  to achieve has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family.  In 2003, Robert founded Herjavec Group, and it quickly became one of North  America’s fastest growing technology companies. Robert’s motivational business  advice has received millions of impressions through TV, print, radio and digital  media. He shares his expertise with other entrepreneurs each week as a leading  Shark on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit show Shark Tank.

Robert recently surprised his staff with gifts from Bake Me A Wish! Now through December 31, 5 percent of all proceeds on will go to the Business Empowerment Fund to help small businesses in need, which Robert is spearheading with BMAW.

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