So Money - Episode 1627

Regina Lawless

Author, Do You

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Today’s show: How to bring your whole self to work…safely and successfully? How can Black women and people of color redefine their career framework on their own terms? Regina Lawless is the author of the new book Do You: A Journey of Success, Loss and Learning to Live a More MeaningFULL LifeHer mission is to help high-achieving Black women find purpose beyond their paycheck in order to experience more bliss in their lives and sustainable success at work and at home.

Regina begins her new book describing a huge success — a home-run presentation she led to the head of Instagram where she ran their DEI Department — followed by a profound loss, the death of her husband following a heart attack. Regina’s choice to position these two personal stories in succession sets the tone for the book’s message and much of our conversation.

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