So Money - Episode 633

Rebecca Jarvis

No Limits Podcast Host

Excited to announce that this week we’re doing a podcast cross-over with No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis. Have you heard of this amazing new podcast? Rebecca Jarvis, a friend and senior business, economics and technology correspondent for ABC News interviews female visionaries and entrepreneurs from cosmetics queen Bobbi Brown to the Grammy Award-Winning musician Jewel about their hard-learned lessons and their climb to success and wealth.

On today’s show, Rebecca stops by to talk about her favorite interviews, intra-preneurship and where our economy is headed.

You can also head over to No Limits and hear Rebecca‘s interview with me. She asks questions that were a bit difficult to answer and I discovered things about myself I found myself revealing a LOT. You don’t want to miss her show.

Rebecca’s been on So Money before. Catch her first interview here on EP 9.

Learn more about Rebecca on Facebook at and follow her on Twitter @rebeccajarvis.

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