So Money - Episode 784

Raj Jana

Founder, Java Presse Coffee

How do you make or take your coffee? Does it spark joy?

Our guest Raj Jana has built a thriving business by turning the common experience of making coffee into an art form and in the process has created a 6-figure per month business.

A little more about Raj: He was born to Indian parents who came to the U.S. with only a few dollars in their pockets. He previously worked at Chevron as an engineer until a life changing moment at work that made Raj reevaluate his life path.

Raj shares financial lessons learned from his upbringing, the changes he would try to make if he won the lottery and some high-level coffee talk. Like, what is a pour-over? And why is it Raj’s go-to coffee order?

To learn more about Raj’s company, Java Presse Coffee, visit and follow him on Instagram @JavaPresseCoffee

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