So Money - Episode 1666

Pam Krueger

Founder, Wealthramp

We’re dedicating this entire episode to probably the biggest question I get from listeners: Should I work with a financial planner?   We’re addressing your top concerns and questions about working with a financial advisor with guest Pam Krueger, a seasoned financial journalist and the creator and co-host of MoneyTrack, which ran on PBS stations nationwide.

Pam is also the founder of Wealthramp, a platform that has matched over 20,000 individuals with fiduciary advisors and financial planners since 2019 and boasts client retention rates exceeding 98%. Wealthramp’s vetted advisor network spans the country and offers diversity in geography, specialization, gender, and fee structure. 

No matter your income or asset level, Wealthramp is flexible, and can accommodate your needs with various project scopes and fee options.

I’m excited to announce my collaboration with Pam and Wealthramp to connect So Money audience members with top-notch, fee-only financial advisors. Visit to start the easy process of finding an advisor or planner aligned with your needs, goals, and budget. The initial meeting with any advisor is free. One thing I especially like about Wealthramp is the advisors they recommend can’t contact you unless you ask them to – your information is protected, and you’re in control. Again, the website is

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