So Money - Episode 972

Nneka Faison

Executive Producer of Chronicle on WCVB-TV

“I am a black girl and I’m also a black, dark-skinned girl, right? I was on-air for most of my career. I was talking to an agent, and he’s like the – He’s actually the second agent to make this kind of a comment. This is why it sticks out. He said, “You’re good on camera. I like your stuff, but your skin is so dark.”  It was the second time someone had said something like that to me, an agent or a hiring manager. They’re not saying it’s bad …but they may as well be saying it’s bad.” – Nneka Faison

Nneka Faison is the Executive Producer of Chronicle on WCVB-TV, the ABC station in Boston. Chronicle is the longest running, locally produced news magazine show in the country (think CBS Sunday Morning but focused on New England). Nneka started at WCVB-TV in 2013 as a Chronicle producer and quickly rose the ranks to become Managing Editor and then Executive Producer. In 2017, she completed a fellowship at harvard University’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism. Recently, Nneka was named one of the Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.

Prior to Boston, Nneka worked as a reporter and anchor in New Haven, CT, Providence, RI, and Syracuse, NY. Nneka received her Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and her undergraduate degree from Princeton University.

She served on the board of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni, on the Board of Trustees at her high school alma mater, Westtown School, a boarding school in Pennsylvania. Nneka lives in the Boston suburbs with her husband and two young children.

Connect with Nneka on Twitter @newsneka and listen to her podcast


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