So Money - Episode 1462

Nicole Stanley

Founder, Arise Financial Coaching

We are midway through January and the overwhelm of financial resolution setting may already be setting in. How to navigate your finances and achieve your savings and investing goals more gracefully in 2023? Guest Nicole Stanley is the founder of Arise Financial Coaching, a company dedicated to helping professionals who have tried everything finally ditch debt, save more, and enjoy financial confidence. In five years, she went from battling financial anxiety to building her family’s net worth to over $250K on an annual salary of $56K. In 2020, after her husband became furloughed, Nicole officially started her coaching practice and became the sole breadwinner in her household. She speaks candidly about that pivot.

Fun fact: The average Arise client saves $20K in six months without giving up the things they love. Nicole lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two children.

Learn more about Nicole on her website and Instagram. Check out her So Money interview from May 2022.

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