So Money - Episode 724

Natalie Bacon

Ex-Lawyer and Online Entrepreneur

Imagine having $200,000 in law school debt only to realize years later that you don’t actually want to be a lawyer. Natalie Bacon switched careers and took a 50% pay cut to become a financial planner. Now, she’s calling her own shots an an online entrepreneur and blogger.

How did she manage all these transitions and her finances?

Natalie will give us all the details, including how she managed to go from being, as she describes it, “financially ignorant” to a financial expert. She also shares the economics of side hustles, when to know you are ready to leave your day job and turn the side hustle into a full-time pursuit. Plus, how to really value your worth at a company…a strategy that involves thinking about the iPhone.

To learn more about Natalie, visit You can also follow her on instagram @NatalieRBacon and twitter @NatalieRBacon.


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