So Money - Episode 1051

Myleik Teele

Founder CurlBox

Over the years many outstanding Black individuals who fought racism and oppression to achieve personal wealth and career success have graced my podcast. For the next 10 episodes – from today June 3rd through June 24 – I’ll be re-sharing and re-amplifying some of their voices and work, their stories of resilience, hard work and triumph. I’m calling this series BLACK WEALTH MATTERS.

I announced this on Instagram earlier in the week. It is my small way of contributing to this human rights issue of racial equality. It’s the quickest action I know to take that would hopefully have a meaningful impact…to get us to learn, unlearn, evaluate and better understand what it means to be a Black person in this country while trying to establish personal wealth.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my announcement with guest recommendations for Black Wealth Matters. I’ve taken them all into account and keeping a folder and hoping to work my way to speaking to all of them – if not this month – in the coming months. Please keep the guest suggestions coming. You can email me

Today — We are revisiting my conversation with Myleik Teele from 2015. Myleik is the Atlanta-based founder and chief experience officer of Curlbox, the first exclusive monthly subscription box for naturally curly hair.

curlBOX has major partnerships with brands and distributors including Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Target, and Shea Moisture, and more.

A teacher at heart, her wildly popular, #MyTaughtYou podcast has become her global classroom where women from all walks of life tune in for guidance and a healthy dose of motivation to live life on their own terms.

You just heard at the top of this show – a moment from our conversation – when she candidly opens up about her relationship with money. Even as a wealthy woman, she is, as she says, cautious with her money, perhaps overly cautious.

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