So Money - Episode 164

Mrs. Money Mustache

Personal Finance Blogger

You all devoured my interview with Mr. Money Mustache months ago, the founder of the site that offers people “financial freedom through badassity.” He has a huge following, and to this day my interview with him was my most downloaded episode of all time!

But did you know that it was actually his wife Simi who originally encouraged him to write that blog and create the name Mr. Money Mustache? Mm hmm. That’s right! (oh, snap!)

Well, Simi is pretty freaking amazing. Happy to say she now she has started her own blog Mrs. Money Mustache, where she shares her experiences and advice about personal finance. I’ve been wanting to invite her to the show for some time and a few of you have actually written in to request Simi join the show.

I approached her and she was super humble..and said YES! Proud to say that this is her FIRST podcast. I’m incredibly honored and flattered to have her be a part of the So Money podcast.

A little more about Simi – also known as Mrs. Money Mustache – she believes in simplicity, self-discovery, lifelong learning, community, and the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Besides the journal that she has kept since 3rd grade and assorted teen angst poetry, she has not written any books. She is not an expert in any one field, but loves to discuss ideas about consumerism, parenthood, creating community, and money in our society. Since retiring in 2004, she has discovered that she has a huge thirst for knowledge. She has spent her retirement primarily navigating motherhood, but has also started multiple new businesses. Her most recent role is that of obsessive Etsy shop owner.

We had so much fun during our conversation. Some highlights you’ll hear about in the episode:

  • What it was like dating Mr. Money Mustache or the early days…As you can imagine, he was pretty frugal.
  • How she describes her financial life today…in one word.
  • How Simi avoids triggers to spend emotionally.

If you’d like to learn more about Mrs. Money Mustache or Simi, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @mrsmoneym.

One of my favorite quotes from out interview: “Focus more on internal happiness and being good to the environment.” – Click to Tweet

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