So Money - Episode 256

Michael Schreiber

Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer of

Kicking it off this week with my good friend Michael Schreiber. Michael and I used to work together. Well, actually we went to graduate school together at Columbia, followed by some colleague work at, and then later we kind of worked together at

He is currently the Editor in Chief and Chief Content Officer of It’s a website that serves as your credit advocate. It’s also a resource and guide to make sure that you’re fully armed with all the info and tools you could possibly want/need in order to fully understand your credit. Wanna know how a late payment can affect your score? Need guidance on how to manage your credit? Or maybe you wanna see where you stand with your score? has you covered and the content from the website is syndicated everyday across major media portals including Yahoo!, NBC, AOL, MSN, and several others. Michael is responsible for leading the editorial and content team made up of more tan 30 credit experts. He is an Emmy and Dupont award winning journalist. He’s also a producer with 15 years of experience working in print, TV, online media and documentary work.

Prior to this role he served as Managing Editor at, the personal finance site owned by Michael is also a fellow graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism where he also serve there as an adjunct professor in the multimedia department.

Several takeaways from our interview:

  • The day I got laid off from We talk about that special day. Where was I when the news broke? Where was he? He tried to save my job…it didn’t work.
  • We talk about details about his award winning documentary back in the day called “The Secret History of the Credit Card”. There’s a secret history?
  • We talk about Mike’s number one financial failure; it’s the “the epitome of stupid,” he told me.
  • And finding your funnel; you’re gonna have to listen to know what that means exactly, but I promise it’s good.

If you’d like to learn more about Michael Schreiber, visit his company’s website and follow him on Twitter @Schreibot.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Everybody needs to splurge every once in a while. But you just have to ask yourself is this a ‘nice’ or ‘need’ to have.” – Click To Tweet

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