So Money - Episode 739

Mical Jeanlys

General Manager, Chase Slate

What did your parents teach you about dollars and cents? How did your childhood impact your relationship with money?

It’s something that comes up pretty organically on this show. I do ask questions to prompt people to think about growing up and how they learned about money, their first experiences and it’s always such a visceral moment, and it’s something that stays with them throughout their adult years.

Today, we’re dedicating a large portion of the show to going down memory lane with our guest, Mical Jeanlys. Mical is the General Manager of Chase Slate. Chase Slate is the financial services partner of this show, and I have the honor of being the brand’s financial education partner.

I’ve always wanted to talk to Mical about money deeply. She and I worked together, but this is the first time I’ve gotten the chance to really go there with her and talk about money and learn about her financial philosophy, her memories about money growing up and how she and her husband are paying it forward and teaching their three young boys about money.

A little more about Mical, she holds an MBA from Columbia University, Graduate School of Business. She has an undergraduate degree in business administration and finance from Villanova University.

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