So Money - Episode 630

Melyssa Griffin

Entrepreneur and Host of Pursuit With Purpose

Raise your hand if you think making a million dollars would make your life better.  Today’s guest earned 7-figures in one year, running a successful online business. Great, right? Well, if you ask her, it’s complicated.

Our guest Melyssa Griffin recently rediscovered her passion and her purpose by achieving financial greatness and then realizing…it wasn’t all it was cut out to be. She opens up about her story of self-discovery.

A little more about Melyssa: She is an entrepreneur who began her career working as an expat in Tokyo teaching English. She then began a blog called The Nectar Collective. It was her creative outlet. Months later her blog became a full-time job. She moved back to her home in California to grow the blog which became a business by year three, earning Melissa $1M per year through blogs and e-courses.

But as Melyssa explains…sometimes, making a lot of money serves as an important wake-up call…that you need to change your life.

If you’d like to learn more about Melyssa visit or follow her on Twitter @Melyssa_Griffin.

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