So Money - Episode 840

Melissa Leong

Author, Happy Go Money

Many people have studied the connection between money and happiness. A recent Purdue University study revealed that people making $200,000 are no happier than people earning $95,000 a year. What do we make of this information? Why is it important? Today’s guest is going to try to help us figure some of this out.

Melissa Leong is a personal finance expert, writer, television personality, speaker and bestselling author. Her book Happy Go Money hit shelves earlier in January this year. The book aims to teach people how to derive the most happiness from their money. Melissa digs into psychology, personal finance and her own personal story to offer practical, easy to understand advice.

Melissa is very honest, as we’ll hear about her own personal struggles…from her decision to quit her job as a journalist to watching her husband battle extreme depression. And how her firm grip on money helped her to overcome those obstacles and achieve happiness.

You can learn more about Melissa at and follow her on Twitter @MelissaLeong.

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