So Money - Episode 127

Matt Giovanisci

Podcast Producer & Coffee Connoisseur

Today’s guest is Matt Giovanisci. He’s a website wizard, podcast producer, coffee connoisseur and all-around creative powerhouse. He makes a living by writing, building websites, producing funny rap videos (you have to check them out – they are hilarious!) and being creative online. He has successfully turned a few of his passions into impressive revenue streams and teaches others how to make money while doing what they love.

Matt is the creator of Swim University and a co-founder of Listen, Money Matters, a personal finance podcast that gets over 10,000 downloads a day! He also recently started Roasty Coffee, a resource on how to find, brew and drink coffee. And if you are a coffee lover like me, you’ll definitely appreciate it.

Three takeaways from our interview:

— How he broke through an 800 credit score just recently.

— His recipe for creating multiple streams of income

— His tried and true approach to starting and monetizing an online business

If you’d like to learn more about Matt Giovanisci, visit his websites and and follow him on Twitter @mattgiovanisci.

My favorite quote from the interview: “Ample time plus amazing work equals money.” – Click to Tweet

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