So Money - Episode 708

Marla Mattenson

Relationship Expert

It would normally cost you six-figures to work with this relationship coach. Her clients include millionaire entrepreneurs, academy award winning actors, and grammy winning stars.  But I’ve convinced her to join us on So Money to give us her best advice on how to succeed in your relationship, especially when it comes to financial challenges of all sorts.

Marla Mattenson is a relationship and intimacy expert who specializes in coaching entrepreneurial couples. But what makes her advice so effective is that it’s data-driven. She uses her neuroscience and math background to help clients transform their negative habitual patterns. And get this: If you’re wondering why it’s so hard to be in a relationship, Marla says it’s because as humans, we are sort of hard-wired to sabotage them. But she’s got some good news, too, including simple and effective ways to find peace with your money differences.

To learn more about Marla, visit her website at or find her on Instagram @marla_mattenson. To read her Dear Marla column for Entrepreneur and submit a questions click here.

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