So Money - Episode 940

Marc Randolph

Co-Founder of Netflix

“One of the ideas that I pitch to read was doing video rental by mail. This was the dawn of the e-commerce age. I mean, just Jeff Bezos had been selling books only for just over a year and everyone was looking at what categories could we bring into the online world.” – Marc Randolph, Co-Founder of Netflix

What does it take to bring a world-changing idea to life? My guest today co-founded a company we all know, that fundamentally changed the way that we experience media. Marc Randolph is a veteran entrepreneur and investor who’s best known for co-founding and serving as CEO of Netflix.

How do you take an idea to rent movies over the internet and turn it into a company with some 150 million subscribers? Well, it takes grit, it takes gut instincts, it takes failure and determination. Marc’s book, That Will Never Work, has just been released and is about taking a leap in business and in life to bring your ideas to market and change the world.

Marc and I talk about the beginnings of Netflix, borrowing money from his mother and what happened in that meeting with Blockbuster all those years ago when they actually pitched Blockbuster to buy Netflix.

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