So Money - Episode 682

Leisa Peterson

Life Coach

We’re a few weeks into the New Year and I’m guessing you might have made a resolution or two? If your resolution was to be better with money or create a happier life then you already know you’re in the right place.

But our guest today is an expert at this. She’s also a renowned life coach. Leisa Peterson helps people get out of their own way when it comes to money so that they can live a life full of joy and abundance. She’s a long-time entrepreneur and money expert. She also has her own podcast Art of Abundance.

Lisa, like probably many of us listening, has had a fascination with money at a young age. Her relationship wasn’t the healthiest. A tragic death in the family was a life-changing moment, at which point she found the need to reconcile many of relationships, including her relationship with money.

If you’d like to learn more about Leisa visit or or follow her on Twitter @Leislooski.

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