So Money - Episode 777

Kim Perell

Author, The Execution Factor

From broke to millions, our guest today is a financial warrior.

Today, Kim Perell is the CEO of a digital marketing firm called Amobee, which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars.
But Kim’s journey had difficult beginnings.

She landed what seemed to be a dream job in her 20’s working for a tech firm called XDrive, as the director of marketing. But then the dot-com bubble burst and she was left with the task of laying off several close friends and eventually, after the company went bankrupt, she was left unemployed.

But no sooner than three months later, with $10,000 borrowed from her grandmother and credit card bills mounting, Kim rebooted her career and started a new business. It was the first of a few businesses which have gone on to produce hundreds of millions of of dollars.

Her successes have led her to authoring a new book, The Execution Factor: The One Skill that Drives Success.

To learn more about Kim, visit and follow her in Instagram @KimPerell.

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