So Money - Episode 1291

Katie Collins

CNET European Correspondent

CNET’s European Correspondent Katie Collins joins to share key take-aways and insights from the recent United Nations climate summit, aka “COP26,” held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The event, a gathering of world leaders and dignitaries, activists and corporate leaders, yielded a number of surprises, as the world works to adapt to a climate-changing world. What role did the U.S. play at the conference? Were the voices of the younger (mostly female) activists offered a platform? What was Amazon’s Jeff Bezos doing there? How will oil and gas companies adapt to climate change? Katie breaks it all down.

More about Katie: She is CNET’s London-based news reporter. She is passionate about innovation, great design, privacy issues and tech for good. Katie nerds out over maps and planes, both of which she uses to navigate her way around the world on epic adventures. In a previous life, she wrote for Reuters, Wired and Ars Technica. She loves CNET so much that she has worked for the site twice.

Check out a few of Katie’s COP26 top stories:

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