So Money - Episode 672

Katia Beauchamp

Birchbox Co-Founder + CEO

Today is the first day of the New Year. So, I wanted to start off with a theme that I’m really working for in the New Year, which is making your own rules, being a badass and just being your So Money-ist. Therefore, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate person to have us kickoff 2018 than Katia Beauchamp.

She’s the co-founder and CEO of Birchbox, which is a leading beauty subscription service and store. She and I connected last time on CNBC’s Follow The Leader. I had the chance to follow her around for 48-hours. I learned Katia is a force. You can just Google her. She is a leading voice and champion for all women who work.

During our time together today, we discuss being unapologetic about having it all and wanting it all, how companies can create an environment where women can feel the freedom to have their families and thrive at work and how she and her husband manage their personal finances. I had to go there because I’m super nosy, and I’m glad to report that she was game.

If you’d like to learn more about Katia and Birchbox visit or follow her on Twitter @KatiaWB and @Birchbox.

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