So Money - Episode 868

Kate Northrup

Author of Do Less

Who wants to hop off the I’m so busy train? It’s possible to raise your kids without feeling like you aren’t doing enough, according to our guest Kate Northrup who just released a book called Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms.

Kate was initially on this show about four years ago, discussing her first book, Money, A Love Story, which has been translated into five languages. Do Less is her second book and it’s really a reflection of all of the things that she has learned now as a business woman and as a mother to two children.

Her book offers women 14 experiments that they can try to eliminate their overwhelm and respond to the never-ending tasks and responsibilities that we face every day. We’re going to learn how to loosen the grip, surrender control and perfect the art of allowing.

To learn more about Kate, you can visit She’s also on Twitter and Instagram @katenorthrup .

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