So Money - Episode 124

Joan Sotkin

Holistic Business & Money Coach

Have you ever felt that you’d like to experience more out of life… and that our society defines success in a way that’s just too narrow? If making a lot of money and having a career or social status does not encompass everything that’s important to you, you are not alone. Today’s guest has been looking for something deeper and more meaningful than a typical definition of success. For years, she suffered from a long list of physical, emotional, and financial problems. After giving away all of her possessions and taking an extended spiritual journey, she stumbled upon everything she needed to find health, well-being, and financial security… and she’s going to share this with us today.

Her name is Joan Sotkin, an award-winning, holistic business and money coach. She’s the host of The Prosperity Show Podcast and the author of “Build Your Money Muscles” book. She teaches business owners and independent practitioners how to improve their relationship with money and themselves so they can build a stronger, more profitable business. Increased income, greater peace of mind, feeling more connected, and finding a new sense of purpose are only a few of results her clients have cited as a result of working with Joan.

Three takeaways from our interview:

— The forces that led her to bankruptcy and how Joan recovered

— Growing up in a household where girls were NOT supposed to talk about money!

— Putting health before wealth…and how Joan’s healthy lifestyle keeps her in a place of financial tranquility.

If you’d like to learn more about Joan Sotkin, visit her website or and follow her on Twitter @JoanSotkin.

My favorite quote from the interview: “Success to me is living a peaceful, satisfying life.” – click to tweet

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