So Money - Episode 68

Jeff Olson

Founder and CEO of Nerium International

Today is the International Day of Happiness! What happy acts are YOU going to do? Listening to this podcast makes you happy…and spreads some happiness…Simple things like buying your friend a cup of coffee, surprising your kid after school and going to the park together…opening doors for people everywhere you. Small happy acts play a BIG role.

Three years ago the United Nations sanctioned March 20th as International Day of Happiness – day to drive awareness for the need for happiness in our worlds. Today’s guest is a major supporter of this event. He is the founder of Live Happy magazine, Jeff Olson, and for the second year in a row, Live Happy has joined the U.N. with its own mission to lead a global movement to inspire the world to think, act and live happy with the #HappyActs Challenge. For more, check out

Jeff Olson is also the Founder and CEO of Nerium International™. He is a dynamic leader and visionary in relationship marketing. Since he first joined the industry in 1988, he has earned a reputation as a top distributor, earner, CEO, founder and best-selling author. Often referred to as “The Millionaire Maker,” Jeff has helped thousands of people build successful relationship marketing businesses. He has spoken to more than a thousand audiences throughout the United States and around the world.

Jeff also authored the best-selling book, The Slight Edge, which outlines his key principles that can help people transform simple daily choices into the massive success and happiness they desire. He is also the owner of Live Happy magazine.

A few takeaways from our time with Jeff:

  • How happiness correlates to prosperity in your financial life.
  • Jeff’s “Millionaire Next Door” mindset and how it helps him protect his wealth.
  • The benefits of growing up poor and the financial breakthrough Jeff experienced in college.

My favorite quote: “Happiness is actually a tool. It’s not just a response.” (click to tweet!)

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