So Money - Episode 774

Jamila Souffrant

Founder of Journey to Launch

Our guest today hopes to retire early. Jamila Souffrant and her husband have saved $169,000. They live in New York City. They have 3 children and own two properties.

How does she do it?

Today, we’re in conversation with Jamila Souffrant, the creator of the Journey to Launch online community and podcast.

Even though Jamila lives in Brooklyn, one of the most expensive cities in the world, she has big plans to retire early at age 40.

In some ways, her financial independence journey began at age 22 when she bought her first condo in Brooklyn, which turned into a great investment property. But also as the daughter of a single, immigrant mother, Jamila’s ambitions were shaped at a young age.

She is now working hard on her personal brand and mission, Journey to Launch, where’s she documenting her journey towards early retirement.

Learn more about Jamila by visiting her website

You can also listen to her podcast and follow her on instagram @journeytolaunch.

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