So Money - Episode 1501

Jake Cohen

Author, JEW-ISH

Jake Cohen is a “nice Jewish boy who loves food.” He is the author of the bestseller JEW-ISH: A COOKBOOK: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch and the forthcoming I Could Nosh: Classic Jew-ish Recipes Revamped for Every Day.

More about Jake: He studied at The Culinary Institute of America, during and after which he spent time working the line at NYC institutions, DANIEL and ABC Kitchen. Eventually, he transitioned out of restaurants and into food media, first at Saveur Magazine, where he led up recipe testing in the publication’s test kitchen. After Saveur, he contributed to dozens of incredible food publications. He was the Food Editor of, the Food Critic for Time Out New York, and the Editorial and Test Kitchen Director of The Feedfeed.

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