So Money - Episode Bonus

How to Control Spending in the ‘New Normal’

Farnoosh Torabi

This episode is brought to us in partnership with Zelle.

The summer is traditionally a high season for spending. And this year it might be even more of a financial frenzy. From vacations to your kids camp, family gatherings and outdoor events, we missed out on a lot of these key experiences last summer. But now with vaccinations on the rise, hold on! I predict quite the rebound. That’s good for the economy…but what about our wallets? Today’s show we’ll discuss more of what we can expect from a consumption standpoint this summer, what will consumer behavior be like, and how to make smart money decisions in this relatively emotional time. Are there ways to save? New ways to budget? And what about sharing expenses with others? Rose Corvo, Chief Marketing Officer at Zelle, joins to share insights from a new survey and advice for listeners.

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