So Money - Episode 184

Hannah Ouimet

Poshmark Entrepreneur and Founder of Hannah Beury

My gosh, today’s guest makes me want to purge my closet right now and make some money. Yeah, don’t waste any time. Hannah Ouimet is here on the show today. She’s running a six-figure fashion business from her phone, yes, by selling some of her unwanted clothes and accessories. And now she’s gotten so good at it, she knows how to buy items elsewhere at a low cost and re-sell them. And by the way, she’s only 23-years-old. She got her start in college and she’s still in college. She decided to just sell some things from her closet that she didn’t want anymore to make a few extra bucks, and she did this on a site called “Poshmark“, which allows users to sell their unwanted clothes and accessories to fellow Poshmark App users.

And before she knew it, Hannah was not only making a profit selling her own stuff, but also her friends items. She started buying designer apparel on deep discount, reselling that for a profit, and over time she has amassed something like 2 million users on Poshmark and she’s been inspired to actually go out on her own, still working with Poshmark but also starting her own e-commerce shop called “Hannah Beury“. Her success story’s been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and Refinery29 among other places. And now she’s on So Money®! Very proud and excited to share her journey with you because I think what it really teaching us is that with an app and a phone and some unwanted clothes, and we’ve all got some unwanted items in our closet, you can make a few bucks and in best case scenario you can turn it into a lucrative business and it is this entrepreneurial success story that has brought her to this show.

Lots of takeaways from our interview with the young Hannah:

  • She says she’s shocked by how she went from selling a poncho online. The poncho is what really started it. So if you’ve got a poncho in your closet, you might wanna rethink that item and stop it from collecting dust and maybe get it on a site like Poshmark. That rolled into a $100,000 business.
  • The best items to sell online, if you’re looking to resell some items from your closet.
  • And the worst thing she tried to sell and why.

If you would like to learn more about Hannah Ouimet, visiter her website or follow her on Twitter @HannahOuimet

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I’m just getting started and my hustle isn’t slowing down anytime soon.” – Click to Tweet

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