So Money - Episode 1639

Giovanna Gonzalez

Author, Cultura and Cash

What did you learn about money growing up? What were the messages you received about money from parents, your friends, media and your culture? Our guest Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez is the author of Cultura and Cash, in which she shares her journey as the daughter of Mexican immigrants and the money scripts she needed top rewrite as an adult to claim financial security.

Gigi is a TikTok influencer, financial educator, who during The Great Resignation, quit her 10 year corporate career to pursue her true passion: teaching financial literacy to young adults. In our conversation she highlights some of the advice from her book Cultura and Cash on how to avoid some of the financial pressures from family and culture, and how to define financial security on your own terms. You can follow Gigi @TheFirstGenMentor.

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