So Money - Episode 816

Farnoosh Brock

Author of The Serving Mindset

What can I say? It kind of felt like I had my kindred spirit on the podcast, or my name twin at the very least. Farnoosh Brock, author of The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business, is on the show today sharing some deep insightful revelations about what it means to lead a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur.

Farnoosh left a career, a successful career in engineering to pursue a path in entrepreneurship. It wasn’t one that was met with a lot of support at the beginning, but she made it work. And how she made it work is truly, truly inspiring.

Farnoosh lives by the mantra: “Serving is your competitive advantage,” and she believes that if entrepreneurs focus on serving, instead of selling, they can learn how to feel good about the whole selling process and even ask for more money from their clients and customers.

If you’re somebody who is looking at a start a business, or even a side hustle…and you want to be able to make the big bucks, Farnoosh has some really honest authentic advice.

Learn more about Farnoosh by visiting and and follow her on Twitter @ProlificLiving.

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