So Money - Episode 403

Eli Kariv

Co-Founder of The Coding Space

I’m so excited for today’s startup guest. He’s a fellow Penn State alum and co-founder of The Coding Space. Eli graduated from the Smeal College of Business last year and now runs the after school program The Coding Space where he helps students learn to code. The company launched in July 2015 with just 6 students in September to over 125 students by the winter semester. Eli says the company is 100% bootstrapped. Prior to working here and while still in college, Eli started his own web development company, CrossedClouds. He was also part of the user acquisition team at Mozilla Firefox in San Francisco and worked at

Eli teaches us a lot of things including how to build a sustainable business. This idea of sustainability is very “on trend” right now. So, when you start a company, how do you make it a forever company? He has this philosophy that rather than having procedures in your small business, you should have principles to better guide you to make those important and hard decisions. The one book that we can all buy that for him and his co-founder has been the compass for guiding their business.

If you’d like to learn more about Eli, visit this website or follow him on Twitter @PennStateKid.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “The way to create a successful business is instead of having procedures for things, have principles” – Click To Tweet

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