So Money - Episode 610

Douglas Boneparth

The Millennial Money Fix Co-Author

Today’s guest is a 32-year old certified financial planner who deeply knows the financial struggles of his generation. Douglas Boneparth and his wife Heather grappled with $300,000 in combined student loan debt. They somehow managed to overcome it and now want to support their generation to teach them how to take better control of their money. They’ve co-authored a new book called The Millennial Money Fix, which dives into the challenges they faced and offers a step-by-step guide on how to take control of your finances.

Douglas and I talk about how his financial practice caters to the Millennials, a generation that doesn’t have a lot of money to invest. He shares the key strategies that helped him and his wife conquer their six-figure debt and his best advice for young adults seeking financial independence.

If you’d like to learn more about Douglas visit or follow him on Twitter @dougboneparth. To preorder a copy of his book The Millennial Money Fix (out August 21st), click here.

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