So Money - Episode 151

Doug Nordman

Author of The Military Guide

My advice I think caters to, generally speaking, someone who is a young adult or a midlife professional looking to go from good to great with their financial life. They might have just paid off their student loans or they are looking to buy a home, they just got a job or a second job, they wanna be entrepreneurial. So that’s kind of the psychographic.

That said, I think there are a lot of people out there that my advice doesn’t reach, or perhaps I don’t spend enough time giving specific advice to. So today I’m really excited to welcome a guest who is dedicating his financial advice and his financial mission to help, particularly, families that are in the military and especially those that are approaching retirement. Because as he has found, and as a member of the military, Doug Nordman, my guest, he has found that many military families and individuals are unprepared when it comes to retirement.

So he is dedicating his work to teaching them how to do it. And he is someone who actually managed to retire at 41, which I don’t care whether you’re in the military, or you have a business, or you’re a teacher, that in and of itself is exceptional. So we are gonna go into, specifically on this show with Doug, lots of advice for military families, military individuals who are approaching retirement or are maybe far from retirement but wanna know what they can do now to make sure that they have secured themselves a safe and fruitful retirement. After a 20-year career with the U.S Navy’s Submarine force Doug, as I said, retired at the early age of 41. He has published two books: “The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement” and “The Military Financial Independence and Retirement Pocket Guide” shows military veterans how to achieve financial independence and retire on their terms. After a few years of research and tinkering with retirement plans, he discovered that the military offers retirees affordable healthcare. Did you know this? I had no idea! I’m a big fan of Doug.

Three takeaways from the interview:

  • How military retirees can better prepare for retirement – yes!
  • How much Doug personally saved so that he could retire in his early 40’s.
  • And how he manages to pay close to nothing for energy at his house. He lives in Hawaii, which by the way is one of the, if not the most expensive state when it comes to average utility bills annually. So to learn from him is very important.

If you’d like to learn more about Doug Nordman, visit his website or follow him on twitter @TheMilitaryGuid.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview “If you’re financially independent when you leave the military then you do have choices” – Click to Tweet

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