So Money - Episode 1373

Disruptive Discourse

Farnoosh Torabi

Today, a very candid conversation with three guests on how corporate America can be more effective at closing wealth gaps. This episode is a recording of a live panel I moderated last month at an event called Disruptive Discourse. The event was organized by the team ofColor, a financial wellness company that works with employers to help them provide better financial solutions to workers. Our panel was entitled: How Organizations Can Address the Racial Wealth Gap.

Our panelists are: Jamal Stockton, Head of Customer Inclusion at Fidelity Investments, Shane Harris, Vice President, Inclusive Solutions, and Head of Social Responsibility, Prudential Financial and Joanna Smith-Ramani Managing Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program.

Hear how their companies are thinking about social responsibility, the work that has yet to be done …and imagine if employers refused to parter with health insurers and demanded that we rethink the future of benefits affordability.

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