So Money - Episode 643

Dave Fanger

CEO + Founder of Swell Investing

Question: how do you decide what stocks or funds to buy?

For me, financial health is key. It’s an important marker, but do we care so much about a company’s social mission, really? What’s under the hood? How do they care about their employees? Are they really making an impact in the world? Are they values-driven?

Dave Fanger is dedicated to making what he calls “values-driven” investing more accessible. He’s the founder and CEO of Swell Investing. It is an innovative impact investing platform that aims to deliver profit, as well as purpose with six socially responsible investment portfolios. It’s a platform he started while working for his employer who actually helped Dave incubate the idea. This is a great story within a story, right?

We dive into the meaning of values-driven investing and how Swell Investing selects investments, but also how to convince our boss to let you incubate your big idea while working at the company. We always say, “Don’t quit your day job.” This is literally working your day job and coming up with your idea and incubating your idea at the day job. Pretty genius.

If you’d like to learn more about Dave Fanger and Swell visit or follow them on Twitter @davefanger.

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