So Money - Episode 1600

Danielle Weisberg

Co-founder of TheSkimm

**Take Farnoosh’s quick survey here to enter to win a signed copy of A Healthy State of Panic.** The childcare system is broken and mothers are largely paying the price. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 100,000 Americans have been forced to stay home from work each month because of childcare problems. The economic toll amounts to $122 billion yearly in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue.

Guest Danielle Weisberg is co-founder of TheSkimm, and her team has done research into this as well. In its report called The State of Women, the digital media company uncovers the realities and challenges women face today with resources to change the status quo. Their #ShowUsYourChildCare campaign inspires them to share how they support working parents.

In the episode, Danielle shares insights from the report, including the financial and mental toll on working parents, specifically mothers, and how employees and employers can work together to provide more effective benefits for families. To access the resources mentioned in today’s episode, visit

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