So Money - Episode 1616

Danielle Robay

Journalist and Host, Pretty Smart

How can you harness your curiosity to grow your career? What are the most important questions to ask yourself when attempting to manage your money well?

Guest Danielle Robay is a TV host, journalist, and content creator known for her open-hearted questions + compelling interview style. Noted by Forbes as a “game changer,” she is recognized for creating the podcast “PRETTYSMART,” the bestselling card game Question Everything, and hosting E!’s “While You Were Streaming.” She’s chatted with everyone from Taylor Swift + Michael B. Jordan, to Viola Davis, Helen Mirren, Alexis Ohanian, +Tom Hanks. Even Larry King has commented on her compelling interview style: “Danielle is the millennial Barbara Walter’s. She has the ability to make people feel seen.” With a loyal social media following of over 400,000 followers across platforms, Danielle’s goal is that we learn to live better through each other’s stories.

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