So Money - Episode 999

Danielle Forbes

Higher Education Expert

Many of you have expressed interest in attending graduate school, so today’s episode is all about how to go for FREE.

My guest today is a listener who reached out and suggested that we focus on this topic.

Danielle Forbes has a PhD in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From that school, she also holds a Master’s in Education Policy Studies. She also has two bachelor’s degrees in English and African-American studies from Penn State.

Clearly, Danielle is passionate about education. She’s even more passionate about helping others get to school affordably within their means, possibly even for free. Danielle was able to attend graduate school for free, so she’s going to talk not just from her personal experience but also her research, and all the different ways that you can bank on going to college or graduate school for much less than the sticker price – from scholarships to fellowships and tuition waivers.

You can follow Danielle on Instagram at the_educationdr

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