So Money - Episode 930

Daniela Pierre-Bravo

Producer for MSNBC and Co-Author, Earn It

“When I was applying for colleges, I was really excited, in a small town in Ohio, excited to go out to other states and make my own way, but I realized I was undocumented while I was applying for scholarships. I didn’t qualify for any loans, because I didn’t have any paperwork. I couldn’t apply for any FAFSA benefits, because I didn’t have any paperwork. From the start, it was really going to be an uphill battle.” – Daniela Pierre-Bravo

Daniela Pierre-Bravo has a lengthy roster of accomplishments: She is a booking producer for MSNBC’s Morning Joe and recently co-authored a book with Mika Brzezinski, providing straight-talking advice for millennial women in the workforce, entitled Earn It!

But none of these opportunities were handed to her. Moving to the U.S. from Chile when she was a teenager, she found out she was an undocumented resident when applying for college…and, as a result, was unable to work, drive, or receive financial assistance for school.

How she persevered is a story of grit, determination and optimism.

Daniela became a Dream Act student and took the opportunity to side-hustle her way through school to graduate on-time and debt-free. That drive continued as she entered the workforce.

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